Customer Service

How long should I let my juice steep?

  • Our juice is stored for around 1-2 weeks before it is shipped, so some steeping time has already passed. Most flavors need a 12 hour "breathing" time, where you take the cap off of your juice, place it in a secure, dark area and let it sit for 12 hours. Then you should replace the cap and shake the bottle well and allow it to steep another 2-3 days for optimal flavor. 

Why should I let me juice steep?

  • Some flavors, especially ones with creams in them, need time for the flavoring to mix into the base. Some flavors will taste weak and or dull right out of the mail, especially when using a tank set up. By allowing them to steep, you're allowing the flavor molecules to mix with the base.

How long does shipping take?

  • We get just about every order shipped out the same day it is placed. If the order comes through after 1PM, we may not get it out until the next business day. All shipping is done via USPS, 1-5 days is the delivery window from the day your order is placed. After the order is marked as shipped on our end, our system will send you a tracking number to the email address on your account that you can use to monitor your shipments status.

 Where is your juice made?

  • Our juice is made by one of the top e-liquid manufacturers in America, which have a ISO7 Cleanroom. But we don't leave our fate up to them. All of the ingredients are sourced by us, so that we know what goes into each bottle. Every batch that we receive, goes through vigorous testing, flavoring matching etc. to ensure you, the customer, are receiving the best and most consistent e-liquid.


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