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How long should I let my juice steep?

  • Our juice is stored for around 1-2 weeks before it is shipped, so some steeping time has already passed. Most flavors need a 12 hour "breathing" time, where you take the cap off of your juice, place it in a secure, dark area and let it sit for 12 hours. Then you should replace the cap and shake the bottle well and allow it to "steep" for 2-3 days for optimal flavor. 

Why should I let me juice steep?

  • Some flavors, especially ones with creams in them, need time for the flavoring to mix into the base. Some flavors will taste weak and or dull right out of the mail, especially when using a tank set up. By allowing them to steep, you're allowing the flavor molecules to mix with the base.

What do I do if my shipping hasn't updated?

  • Don't worry! This happens allot. USPS sometimes skips the scanning process at the sort facilities, and this causes a delay in the tracking information. The shown delivery date is not guaranteed, it's is rather an approximate. If your item doesn't show up 2 business days after the scheduled delivery date, please contact us and we'll replace your order.


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