About Us

Hi! I'm Preston, the founder of MadCow Vapors. This company was built with one thing in mind, to create a unique line of e-liquid that was affordable. We began our mission back in late 2015, we started very small, selling our e-Liquid to a few local shops. As the popularity grew, we decided to open a website and offer our amazing products to the rest of the country. But shipping charges was something that stood in the back of my mind, "why should a customer have to pay extra to get a product they already paid for?" Rather than making the consumer have to spend $XX to get away from the shipping charges, we figured it would be more customer eccentric to "eat" this charge for you, regardless of order size. Add to the fact that our base e-Juice price is only $14.99 a bottle, you wind up with an ultimate deal.

We keep our prices low by building connections with top e-Liquid manufacturers and getting a rock bottom price for our contracts. But, we don't leave our fate in their hands. All of the ingredients that go into a bottle of MadCow Vapors e-Liquid are sourced in-house. We spent many months sourcing the absolute best ingredients, because we believe that every bottle of e-Liquid should contain the highest and purest grade ingredients available.

In the end, we love what we do, we love the vaping community, and we love our products. We keep things simple, and we'll always stand behind our customer eccentric principles. You, the customer, are the most important asset to any business, and we will always be grateful for you.



We only use a pure, USP Vegetable Glycerin base. Our flavors are USP food/candy flavors, never any alcohol extracts nor do they contain dyes or preservatives. Our freebase nicotine is of the highest quality and undergoes rigorous testing and is USP grade. Below is a breakdown:

  • USP Vegetable Glycerin - 80%
  • USP Food/candy flavoring with polypropylene glycol base - 20%
  • USP MFS Premium Nicotine (99.8% Pure Batch #33891 Tested 3/02/18)